Poultry industry needs support

by 5m Editor
18 May 2006, at 12:00am

UK - The UK chicken industry will not survive unless it gets a substantial price rise from retail customers, industry leaders have claimed. A new report, prepared jointly by the NFU and British Poultry Council, maintains that most poultry meat businesses are making a loss of over 6p/kg, or £25,000 a flock per year. With each chicken farmer typically rearing six flocks a year, the sector needs a rise of 12p/kg to maintain the long-term viability of farm-assured Red Tractor chicken. &quot;This is a really critical time for the poultry industry,&quot; said NFU president Peter Kendall, launching the report British Chicken - What Price? at this week&#39;s British Pig and Poultry Fair at Stoneleigh. He said as product prices were squeezed and input costs soared, farmers were unable to modernise and invest. &quot;If we don&#39;t get some form of commitment throughout the food chain to get better returns for poultry farmers, we will see very long-term damage to this sector.&quot; <i>Source: FWi</i>

5m Editor