ConAgra urges slaughter changes

by 5m Editor
11 July 2006, at 12:00am

OMAHA, Neb. - ConAgra Foods Inc., one of the nation&#39;s largest packaged-foods companies, said Monday it is urging its poultry suppliers to consider slaughtering chickens in a way the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals calls more humane. The letter a ConAgra vice president sent to suppliers on June 29 doesn&#39;t mention PETA, but it uses some of the same arguments the animal-rights group uses to lobby for using &quot;controlled-atmosphere killing.&quot; Last September, ConAgra shareholders rejected a PETA proposal to research whether it would be feasible to require the company&#39;s suppliers to switch to &quot;controlled-atmosphere killing&quot; instead of the current method, which involves cutting chickens&#39; throats after the birds have been immobilized with electricity. The group was entitled to present a shareholder proposal to ConAgra because it owns 140 shares of stock, and the organization had planned to resubmit the proposal this year before ConAgra sent the letter to suppliers. <i>Source: Toronto Star</i>

5m Editor