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AB Vista Names New Distributors in Hungary & Poland

by 5m Editor
12 January 2012, at 1:27pm

HUNGARY & POLAND - AB Vista is stepping up its customer service in Hungary and Poland – by switching to new distributors in both countries. From now on, NOACK Magyarország will distribute AB Vista’s feed enzymes and yeast in Hungary, while Biochem Polska will do so in Poland.

Both companies have an impressive pedigree in the field of animal nutrition, having developed feed additives that perfectly complement AB Vista’s own portfolio. Now, as local distributors of its Finase, Econase and Quantum brands, NOACK and Biochem will help AB Vista to further improve the technical support and services it can offer its Hungarian and Polish customers.

Since 1990, NOACK Magyarország has supplied the Hungarian agricultural market with the latest and most advanced feed additives. Its customers have also come to rely on the company’s specialist knowledge of pigs, poultry and ruminants, and of their nutritional needs.

Founded in 2003, Biochem Polska offers its customers innovative additives that aim to improve animal performance, with both economic and ecological benefits.

Ari Kiviniemi, Global Sales Director for AB Vista, said: "I am delighted to confirm the names of our new distributors in the important markets of Hungary and Poland. Both NOACK Magyarország and Biochem Polska specialise in the technical aspects of high-value feed additives, which will help Hungarian and Polish customers take full advantage of AB Vista products in their feed formulations."

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