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Organic Feed Fraud Uncovered

3 January 2012, at 9:20am

ITALY - Conventional feed has been sold as falsely labelled organic products in Italy, leading to the arrests of several executives from agro-businesses.

The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) reported that seven people have been arrested, including executives from three agro-business companies accused of having committed fraud by intentionally selling conventional products as organic, with 2,500 tons of products confiscated.

A number of products were concerned, including field beans, soybeans and corn, as well as a small amount of wheat. It is believed the products came from Bulgaria and Romania.

“We are glad that thanks to tight organic controls in place, the investigations of the Italian authorities in cooperation with the Italian organic sector that provided the necessary documentation and data, have seen an end to this incredible case,” said Marco Schlüter, Director of IFOAM EU Group.

“Unfortunately fraud is an ever-present risk in a premium priced market and the rapidly growing organic market is no exception, as this case of criminal exploitation reveals.”

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