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Quantum Blue One Giant Leap Forward for Phytase

by 5m Editor
25 January 2012, at 12:10pm

US - A revolutionary new phytase product is set to deliver unprecedented performance benefits for poultry and pig producers. Launched by AB Vista at the International Poultry Expo in Atlanta, January 2012, Quantum Blue promises to unlock more value for the animal feed industry than any other commercially available phytase.

Through its anti-nutrient effects, the presence of phytate in animal diets is costing feed producers the equivalent of up to $6 per tonne in lost performance. Phytase is an effective way to release phosphorus and other nutrients bound to phytate present in feed ingredients and at current usage levels, phytase products save the global poultry industry around $1 billion a year in feed costs. However, the phytate remaining in feed is still enough to irritate the gut and impair digestion ? costing the industry up to $2 billion a year.

As an enhanced E.coli phytase, Quantum Blue goes beyond the capabilities of its predecessors to deliver greater phosphorus release, more consistently than any other commercially available phytase. Quantum Blue is not coated, enabling quick release of the active enzyme in the animal foregut. Specifically optimised for maximum phytate destruction, Quantum Blue is proven to deliver additional feed efficiency value at higher inclusion levels.

Quantum Blue extends AB Vista's already established portfolio of feed enzyme products, including Econase XT, Finase EC and Quantum XT.

AB Vista's Managing Director Richard Cooper said: "Quantum Blue is going to revolutionise the phytase market. AB Vista has already changed the way customers use xylanase with the launch of Econase XT, and we are now doing the same for phytase. We have developed the next generation of phytase products to help the animal feed industry meet the challenges of today's highly competitive climate."

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