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Poultry Farmer Benefits from the Sun

20 April 2012, at 9:45am

UK - Poultry farmers are benefiting from solar power and the higher feed-in tariff rate, following the installation of PV panels before the 12th December deadline.

SERS Renewables has installed 200kWp of solar PV across four farms in Herefordshire, in just four months.

The installations were carried out prior to the change in tariffs in December, meaning the owners will benefit from the higher feed in tariff rate.

It is estimated that the payback period will be just seven and a half years. With an annual output of 42,143kWh, one system is expected to generate an annual feed-in tariff of over £13,000; well over a quarter of a million in its lifetime.

Poultry farmer and system owner, Allan Panniers, said: “The installation was very quick and of no hassle to myself at all. I was very pleased when I received the details of the system and saw that the payback period is likely to be just seven and a half years, this is a fantastic return on investment. A 40 per cent reduction in my fuel bills is a significant amount of money and I’m looking forward to seeing the profit of my farm increase thanks to solar power."

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