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Poultry Feed Prices Remain Steady

by 5m Editor
14 June 2012, at 7:40am

INDIA - Despite a steady trend in the prices of key ingredients of feed products, prices of poultry feed products decreased by Rs 10-20 for a 30-kg and 50-kg bag.

Subhash Sharma, Financial Head, Sarvottam Poultry Feed Supply Centre Pvt Ltd, told SOURCE" class="source" rel="nofollow">The Hindu Business Line that, despite a fall in the prices of soyameal, prices of poultry feed products were kept unchanged as we were waiting for the soyameal prices to stabilise because there was too much volatility in its prices in recent past. Now, prices of almost all ingredients have been almost unchanged since 1 June, he added.

Soyameal prices continued to rule around its previous level and quoted at Rs 3,100 a quintal. Similarly, other key ingredients of poultry feed products maintained their previous levels. Maize sold at Rs 1,170 a quintal, bajra was at Rs 1,080 a quintal, fish oil quoted at Rs 68 a litre, while DCP was at Rs 37-38 a kg.

Prices of broiler concentrates feed and broiler starter mash went down by Rs 20 each and quoted at Rs 1,560 and Rs 1,240 for a 50-kg bag, respectively.

Broiler pre-starter concentrate 30 per cent decreased by Rs 20 and sold at Rs 1,370 for a 30-kg bag, layer concentrate decreased by Rs 10 and quoted at Rs 1,200 for a 50-kg bag.

Prices of Pre-lay mash eased by Rs 15 and quoted at Rs 800, while broiler finisher sold at Rs 1,220 for a 50-kg bag, down Rs 20 from previous levels.

Meanwhile, after witnessing a good uptrend last week, broiler and egg witnessed some correction while chick remained unchanged. On Wednesday, broiler prices went down by Rs 10 and quoted at Rs 100 a kg. The price of an egg decreased by 5 paise to Rs 2.60, while chick ruled flat and sold at Rs 10-12.

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