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Egg Committee Seeks Wheat for Poultry Feed

by 5m Editor
5 July 2012, at 8:21am

INDIA - The National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) has asked the Union Government to allocate 1 million tonnes of wheat for poultry industry.

According to The Hindu Business Line, the Committee felt that this was necessary to help the poultry farmers to meet the feed requirements, following sharp increase in prices of maize and soya meal – the essential feed ingredients.

“The price of maize has gone up to Rs 1,400 from Rs 950-1,000 a quintal last year. The price of soya meal has increased to Rs 3,750 from Rs 1,800 a quintal. The prices of other coarse grains such as jowar and bajra too have gone up significantly,” the Committee said in a press release.

It alleged that forward trading, speculation and hoarding were the reasons for the sharp increase in prices of these feed ingredients. As a result, the break-even level for egg production has gone up to Rs 3 from Rs 2.25 a year ago.

The break-even price level for broiler production has increased to Rs 61 from Rs 53 a year ago. “In the absence of corresponding increase in farm-gate prices to offset the increase in input costs, millions of farmers are making losses,” it said.

It appealed to the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution to intervene and ensure allocation of wheat for the poultry industry.

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