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New Web Site Launched to Educate about Phytate

31 October 2012, at 1:14pm

UK - is a new interactive online resource for the animal feed industry. brings together the latest academic thinking on phytate as an anti-nutrient in animal feed, and serves to update the industry about the practice of superdosing with phytase.

Phytate is present in many plant-based feedstuffs but its anti-nutritional effects can cost feed producers up to $7 per tonne in lost performance.

At current phytase inclusion levels, the phytate remaining in feed is still enough to impair digestion. As a result, an industry trend towards including higher levels of phytase in animal diets to further break down phytate – known as ‘superdosing’ – is gathering momentum.

Tiago Santos, Global Technical Manager, AB Vista, said: “Despite the plethora of research papers that have been published on the subject, there is a recognised need to improve understanding of phytate and its environmental and commercial implications. As an interactive store of information and advice, consolidates years of research findings and puts them at the fingertips of the feed industry as a whole.”

Visitors to can submit questions and comments to experts in the field of phytate and phytase application as well as sign up to receive site updates and relevant news.

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