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Russian Delegation Inspects Brazilian Slaughterhouses

2 July 2013, at 8:06am

BRAZIL – A delegation of Russian meat hygiene advisers arrived in Brazil on Sunday to inspect cattle, poultry and swine slaughterhouses.

The visit constitutes a ‘routine check’ but Brazilian officials are hopeful that the standards on show warrant two year meat restrictions to be lifted.

Imposed on three states; Rio Grande do Sul, Parana and Mato Grasso, the restrictions have had early signs that Russian buyers are satisfied that requirements are being met.

Two plants in April this year in Parana were granted permission to sell chicken meat to Russia. Likewise, in Rio Grande do Sul one horse slaughter plant was granted access to the Russian market last month.

However, greatest concerns surround swine slaughterhouses. This is despite the confidence shown in the sector by Ukraine, which authorised a resumption of pork imports from Brazil.

Russian imports are currently allowed from four locations. One site is in Goias, one in Minas Geiras and two are in Santa Catarina.

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