Another Newcastle Disease Outbreak in Cypriot Broilers

by 5m Editor
2 December 2013, at 6:42am

CYPRUS - The Cypriot veterinary authorities have reported an outbreak of Newcastle disease at a poultry farm in Lefkosia.

The World Organisation for Animal Health received follow-up report no. 7 last week (Thursday, 28 November).

The report states that a total of 12257 birds showed signs of susceptibility, out of which 322 cases were reported. All 322 affected birds were found dead. The remaining 11935 birds were destroyed.

According to the OIE, this poultry farm consisted of 11,109 broilers, 641 turkeys and 507 laying hens. Deaths and clinical signs were observed only in broilers.

The source of the outbreak(s) remains unknown.

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