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Danish Poultry Back on World Market

2 March 2017, at 6:00am

DENMARK - Danish poultry can once again be exported and traded abroad, according to the Environment and Food Ministry.

The ministry said in a statement that a three-month quarantine period, which was implement in adherence with international rules following the discovery of avian influenza type H5N8, has expired.

Danish poultry had been quarantined since November.

“The main obstacle to us selling eggs and poultry to other countries has been removed, and we can begin negotiations with the individual markets to reopen exports,” said Troels Vensild. “It won’t happen by itself.”

Japan, Mexico, Singapore and Hong Kong have all lifted trade restrictions against Danish poultry.

Avian flu is still infecting wild birds in Denmark, so poultry should still be kept under cover. Avian flu has been discovered this month in a wild buzzard in Kalundborg and a peregrine falcon in Lemvig.

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