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HCM City Poultry Meat, Eggs to Carry Details of Origin

22 March 2017, at 6:00am

VIET NAM - The HCM City People’s Committee has approved a programme to label poultry meat and eggs with details of product origin to protect consumers, according to Nguyễn Ngọc Hòa, deputy director of the local Department of Industry and Trade.

Viet Nam News reports that the labels will contain details about the origin of chicks, breeding process, slaughterhouse, and markets where the products are sold.

Customers can use their smart phones to download and install an application that will enable them to read the information.

The programme is based on VietGAP (Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices) standards and hygiene and food safety regulations.

Mr Hòa said efforts are under way to perfect the programme before its public launch.

The department would help poultry farms adopt VietGAP standards.

Recently the city launched programmes to carry pork and vegetable origins on labels.

In the case of poultry meat, customers can check the origins from the chick stage, while for eggs, it will be from the breeding process.

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