Welsh poultry farms using less antibiotics

28 March 2019, at 12:00am

UK - A poultry vet says strict on-farm biosecurity combined with vaccination will help Welsh egg and broiler producers continue their remarkable downward trend in antibiotic use.

Speaking to the Wales Farmer, Ian Jones, who oversees the health of nearly 4 million laying hens and 750,000 broilers, strongly recommended a continuous renewal of biosecurity practices at every stage of production.

He commended the progress farmers have made in using antibiotics in a more targeted way, reflecting on what was common practice in the past.

“A decade ago everything had a jab of this or a dose of that, we were all too quick to look at antibiotics as an easy fix but we are now using antibiotics in a much more targeted way,’’ he said.

Read the full story from the Walers Farmer here

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