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ICC Brazil introduces a study on supplementation of essential oils to broilers

The study was announced at the Poultry Science Annual Meeting in Canada.

17 July 2019, at 10:38am

ICC Brazil, a pioneer in the production of yeast-based innovative solutions for animal nutrition, took part in the Poultry Science Annual Meeting (PSA), on 15-18 July in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This is one of the main events in the poultry farming industry.

Melina Bonato, the R&D Manager, will introduce the study “Growth performance of broilers fed diets supplemented with different levels of essential oils. We are developing a solution based on essential oils to control pathogens, and the tests are being conducted with broilers. So far, we have been successful in tests with contamination with Eimeria, improving weight gain and food conversion”, said Bonato.

Investments in research place ICC Brazil in a prominent position. The company conducts scientific research focused on the animal health and nutrition solutions demanded by the market. Since ICC’s foundation, in 1992, the company did over 200 studies that resulted in innovative products, responsible for improving profits for our clients. Around R$1.5 million are invested in research and development of new solutions for animal nutrition every year.

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